Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Find Your Balance

Stress though always labelled as “not good” can also be good J
Endocrinologist Hans Selye, termed it as Eustress , who used the the Greek prefix “eu” which means “good”.

The perception to any event/situation always will either leave us stressed, hassled or  motivated & inspired.

If suddenly getting an amazing new job opportunity, could either fill you with unnecessary worry & anxiety or you could look at it as a first positive step to reach new heights.

Eustress can be experienced, when one feels eager, excited, thrilled, proud, resilient, determined, fulfilled or in a state of flow.
It provides us with an energy boost to perform challenging activities – especially where we need to focus and put in extra effort eg. playing competitive sport or public speaking/delivering a seminar, learning & growing.

Now in all these situations the outlook or how one approaches it, decides the outcome.

Eventually it’s all about finding that rhythm that helps you keep your balance. It takes time to find it, and it is very individualistic, but when you do discover it, you’ll find yourself more in control of your stress and living a healthy,happy life.

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