Thursday, 22 October 2015

A little Shift...

This morning when i reached office a voice out of nowhere said, can u plzzz stop being so monotonous! And suddenly it struck me that whenever we come to our heavenly office there are a few activities which we do daily in a sequential fashion. My actions are sending a very monotonous message to the universe and then that is the energy which starts shaping up.
Though i would like to each day to shape up in a new & creative way my actions do not imply the same. With the analogy of  "THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS" - Bob Proctor, my thoughts itself are very monotonous and then the experience of life is also very typical.
The moment we decided to drop our daily pattern, suddenly we felt a lovely warmth in the atmosphere. The office which earlier seemed very cold suddenly felt very cosy. There was a sense of lightness and ease. Out of nowhere a couple of clients called up.
A simple alteration in the sequence of activities can create wonders. Deeply overwhelmed and grateful to that  little voice which created the sudden shift of energy.